Welcome to Bygland Brewery!

Bygland Brewery was established in 2017 and is a small family-run business in the valley of Setesdal, Southern Norway. Our beer are based on Norwegian traditional farmhouse ales brewed with juniper twigs-infused water and fermented with kveik-yeast

For centuries, Setesdal was not easily accessible, resulting in the old Norwegian dialect and traditions being surprisingly well preserved.

Since the viking age, every farm brewed their own beer. Actually, you could lose your farm or be exiled for not brewing beer for Christmas!

What is kveik?

For generations, Norwegian farmers have been quietly passing down the kveik-yeast that ferment their unique, characterful farmhouse ales between family and friends. In the areas in which kveik is still used, it’s remained unchanged by the development of new, controlled yeast strains and modern brewing technologies, and over the centuries has developed some peculiar properties that have made it of great interest to brewers all over the world:

  • They have high heat tolerance. Some over 40°C where most yeast strains will either create some wacky flavors or just die outright. But with kveik it’s amazingly clean and nice
  • They produce amazing fruity esters
  • They ferment very fast. After finishing fermentation, the kveik falls out of suspension quickly and has been described by some users as being the most flocculant yeast they’ve ever brewed with
  • They have high alcohol tolerance.
  • And they can be dried and reused

Why you should try our beer

Today, not many brew based on old Norwegian traditions and ingredients. Bygland is proudly breathing new life into Norwegian farmhouse beer – and making them commercially available.

“Sveikadden” in NY Times

Our beer is already available at many of Norway’s highest ranked beer bars like Cardinal, Schouskjelleren and Røør to name a few. We’ve exported beer to Russia, Germany and Iceland – and were even pictured in an article in the New York Times as they recommended Norway one of the hottest destinations in 2019 for tasting amazing farmhouse beer!